Get to Know the Go Janes

Kenyon Hall

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Given that it’s not their first rodeo, the Go Janes work in dog years: in less than 24 months, the trio has written over two dozen songs, collaborated with storyteller Auntmama and writer Marie Peters, performed at the Seattle Folklore Society, Dusty Strings (with Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer), New Traditions Cafe, Black Dog Arts Cafe, Folklife Festival, and and others. In addition, the trio has painted over two hundred pounds of rocks. Why rocks? Settle in now, and let us tell you all about rocks:

The best things are often the little things. (Even little heavy things.)

When The Go Janes met for the first time we already knew a lot about what we loved. Harmony vocals. Well-crafted songs. Instrumental interplay. Good stories. Friends. Making things with our hands and minds. Community. Kindness. We believe humans are creators and everyone needs to create in some form. We love being a spark that ignites creativity in our world. We knew, no matter what, we would weave these things into our shared work. 

It was only a few skips away that we landed on the importance of rocks to our future. Lying quietly in the field next door, they waited for us to discover their enduring purpose in our orbit. The first time we painted rocks it was for something to do with our hands while we talked and dreamed. At the end of that first session we joked that we could sell these things and maybe finance a recording session. Et voila!

So we carry a 50-pound box of rocks with us which has now funded recording and mixing seven songs, and the purchase of a beautiful Ear Trumpet microphone.

We love to sing with each other and for others. We always have a grand time and we invite our audiences into our party wherever we happen to be. (And that party's favor is rocks.)

Our friend and frequent collaborator, storyteller Auntmama, once told us, "You're never going to get rid of those rocks. Rocks are central to who you are." We're good with that.

If rocks make it possible for us to sing, record, travel, love people and make friends, we'll carry them with us forever.