Get To Know Kenyon Hall Cabaret

Kenyon Hall

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Kenyon Hall Cabaret is a night not to be missed! The night will be filled with dance, song, games and chance to connect with community. The core of this group has big plans in bringing the Drag experience to the Kenyon Hall neighborhood. While many of those ideas and plans are under development the Kenyon Hall Cabaret is a great jump start to getting to know some Local Drag Artists who, through time bring you down the rabbit hole of Performance art.

Jizzuhbell Johnson Joined the Seattle drag community four years ago and has been using Drag as a form of art therapy by embracing the empowerment of self expression and reenacting the human experience in all of its dramatic forms. Jizzuhbell currently performs in a weekly show ‘Ace Of Queens’ at Julia’s on Broadway every Thursday, as well as guest appearances at various establishments, private events or celebrations throughout Seattle.

SirLoin  is excited to join the Seattle drag community as a new performer in the past year. Combining humor, playfulness, and a really good butt, SirLoin has had the pleasure of mostly performing at West Seattle’s vegan restaurant, Box Bar. They like poking fun at the patriarchy, wearing rhinestones, and 90s country.

Jolene Granby is a southern gal on a mission: to take you on a journey. Whether it be through props or camp, she is here to show you that life truly is a drag! Jolene hosts her own monthly show & Drag Bingo Brunch at BoxBar. You can also see her perform across Seattle & Tacoma.

Kinsey Crescendo , a queen forged in the fires of the pandemic, has been exploring the art of gender expression since October 2020. Ms. Crescendo’s drag is a referential reparenting of herself, an expression of the feminine and queer characters restricted from her youth. A classically trained musician and actor, she strives to provide spaces where the queer community can feel seen and nostalgic, with a pinch of sass and incomparable beauty. For she is in fact; the only woman.